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Statement on Elder Abuse

First and foremost, the membership of the Michigan Guardianship Association condemns any form of abuse, be it financial, physical or mental, that targets elders or other vulnerable citizens.

Since 1989, the Michigan Guardianship Association has been the premier initiator for the advancement of legislative reform, guardianship certification, education, and the promotion of best practices for the protection of vulnerable individuals.  Our professional members are appointed by and operate under the direct supervision of Michigan’s Probate Judges.

Occasionally the public may hear stories about guardians brought to light by media personalities looking to boost ratings with sensationalized headlines. These isolated incidences of an alleged abuse of an individual or a claimed manipulation of the court system do not reflect the standard of practice among professional guardians. The Michigan Guardianship Association supports full investigation into allegations of misconduct so that the perpetrators of elder abuse may be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The Michigan Guardianship Association welcomes examination of our standard business practices from policy makers, in fact, the Michigan Guardianship Association is an active member of Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Elder Abuse Task Force and will remain diligent in our efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves.