Thank you for your interest in becoming a Michigan Guardianship Association (MGA) member. Membership with MGA provides many opportunities to gain expertise about contemporary issues facing guardians and conservators.

Membership with MGA offers substantial discounts to our events. MGA offers two primary conferences per year which are formed to offer relevant information, continuing education units and opportunities to network with MGA leadership, colleagues, experts and exhibitors.  MGA offers both individual and organizational memberships.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is a single membership worth one vote during elections.  Membership follows the member wherever the individual goes and is non-transferable from person to person. Individual memberships are divided into three different categories:

Professional Membership……….$105.00 

Professional membership is for any professional fiduciaries (ex: guardians, conservators, attorneys, trustees, power of attorney, etc.) and other professionals that work in the field or provide services for professional fiduciaries (examples include but are not limited to: financial planners, case management companies, facilities, accountants, funeral services, insurance companies, banks, etc.)

Family Membership……….$54.00

Family membership is for an individual who acts as a guardian for family or friend. This person must not act as guardian as a profession. If you are a professional and a family guardian please use the professional guardian option.

MGA Affiliate Membership ……….$54.00

MGA Affiliate Memberships are for individuals who do not act as a Guardian but who support guardianship in related fields of health care, the court system, social work services, etc.

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Organizational Membership

Organizational memberships tend to work best for larger organizations where maximum flexibility is desirable.  This type of membership entitles the organization to receive the member discount for the specified number of staff at each MGA conference, as well as multiple copies of the newsletter, etc.  Organizational memberships are recorded in the name of one contact person. All newsletters for the organization will be sent to the contact person and a single organizational membership certificate will be issued.  Organizational memberships are worth one vote per organization (NOT per person) during elections. Organizational memberships are non-transferable and stay with organization.

3 Person Membership……….$270

4 Person Membership……….$360

5 Person Membership……….$450

6 Person Membership……….$540

If you are interested in an organizational membership for more than six individuals, please contact the administrator by clicking here.

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