Beginning in 2017, MGA created the Awards of Excellence program.  These awards were established to highlight the people who are dedicated to Michigans most vulnerable individuals.  Held at the annual spring conference these awards honor those who exemplify excellence in guardianship.

The awards are given to the following categories:

  • Guardian of the Year
  • Judge of the Year
  • Corporate Partner of the Year
  • Legislator of the Year

Corporate partner and legislator of the year are chosen by the MGA board of directors.

We ask our membership to nominate individuals for the Guardian of the Year and Judge of the Year.

You are able to nominate Judge of the Year and Guardian of the Year when you register for the Spring 2020 Conference Online. If you are not registering for the Spring 2020 Conference Online or if you are not attending the Spring 2020 Conference, please email your nominations to the Board Administrator at

Please note that this years nominations for Judge of the Year  and Guardian of the Year must be submitted NO LATER than March 31st, 2020.

As always, if you have any questions about this information, please contact MGA at:

Phone: (586) 996-3456